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Fun Wheels Pty Ltd hires and sells top quality BERG pedal-go-karts. We are authorized dealer for BERG commercial & domestic products in South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria (Victoria, commercial only). The pedal go-kart hire business is located in Clare SA close to The Riesling Trail bike path

Are you a business owner in the recreational sector and interested in adding a new fun experience to your business with great returns? Think BERG Toys Commercial range outdoor ride-on toys & pedal go-karts Want one of these quality toys for yourself at home? Contact us for BERG Toys Domestic pedal go-karts sales.

BERG Toys designs & manufactures the highest quality & safest pedal go-karts available on today's world market!

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Hire a pedal go-kart & explore The Riesling Trail!

Welcome this truly unique Clare Valley fun experienceRiding a pedal go-kart is a fantastic outdoor fun activity for adults & kids.  All of the pedal go-karts are designed to have adults & kids on them and (most) have adjustable seats. The Riesling Trail bike path provides a safe, easy to ride trail with great surfaces, great views, cellar doors and places to eat close to the trail. Riding your pedal kart along this trail is a must do activity to cross of your list before you leave the Clare Valley! Our pedal go-karts featured on TV shows Channel's 7 SA Life and South Aussie with Cosi.

 2 person pedal go-kart on Riesling Trail in Clare


Episode Clare Valley, featuring Fun Wheels pedal go-karts


 SA Life TV, episode about Fun Wheels pedal go-karts


Watch video's of pedal go-karts riding on the Riesling Trail on Fun Wheels' You Tube Channel!

A must do fun experience

Family on surrey on the Riesling TrailWhat about a romantic ride on a 2 person pedal go-kart and a picnic along the way? Or just some plain fun and laughs while riding a few pedal go karts with your mates and visiting cellar doors along the Riesling Trail?

And kids of  5 and older, we have just the pedal karts for you! Younger kids than 5, can ride along as some pedal karts have kiddy seats or a side car!  Re 4 pedal kart chopper on Riesling Trail

 With the variety of pedal go-karts available we are pretty sure we can find a fun solution for your go-kart ride! 

Find out more about the available pedal go-karts for hire here. Any questions? Please have a look at our FAQ page first and if the answer isn't there just contact our Riesling Trail Pedal Kart hire here

So, come on! Time to have some fun. Time to hire a pedal go-kart!

re 7 on Riesling trailgo karting on riesling trail



Purchase a quality pedal go-kart

There are a variety of pedal go-karts available on today's market. They all have their own design, quality of materials used & price tags. You'll probably have a look around in shops and online before purchasing a pedal kart. At Fun Wheels we did the same when looking for what brand of pedal go-karts to buy for our hire business. The name BERG Toys popped up often. Hundreds of caravan parks & resorts around the world use them, so we figured that they must be good!. buddy or


To cut a long story short: we purchased BERG pedal go-karts and some of an other brand for our pedal go-kart hire business. We were so impressed with the quality, safety, service and innovative designs of BERG toys pedal go-karts we became a dealer for these top toys straight away. The other brand even didn't get close to this quality product!

BERG designes & manufactures products that have been made from the highest quality materials, designed by engineers with decades of experience and is the safest and sturdiest on today's world market. Read more  here about what BERG toys pedal go-karts are all about.

jdeereClick on the following link if you're curious about the range of sturdy BERG outdoor toys available for the Australian market. Questions? Please contact BERG Toys South Australia with your enquiry & we will get back to you asap.



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